Even though we’re in the middle of winter, it’s never too early to start dreaming of those renovations or that new construction you’ve been thinking about. As New York commercial contractors, Construction 1st Class has managed all different types of projects. From restaurant renovations to retail fit outs, we are all about the client, about empowering the community, and transforming this city we live in with services that are efficient, effective, and lasting. It’s important that you start your project off on the right foot with the right contractor because a simple project can turn into a nightmare if you don’t properly plan!

Firstly, we suggest sitting down and brainstorming with your business partner and one of our skilled project managers. This will help you to pinpoint any potential problems and fine tune your wish list. If you want to make your list before meeting with us, we suggest that you write out a full description of what you want done and then make two lists: one that includes all your wishes and another that covers your basic needs.

If you don’t choose the right contractor, there are so many things that can go wrong – from shoddy work to liens being put on your home for balances owed to suppliers by the contractor. We invite you to check out at least two other contractors in our area besides us, speak to them, and let them place bids on the job description you prepared. We’re very convinced that you will find that Construction 1st Class is the right contractor for your job.